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2021 Highlights CIRCULAR ECONOMY CIRCULAR ECONOMY A circular economy is needed for packaging so it never becomes waste or pollution. Packaging that cannot be eliminated or reusedmust be kept in circulation – in the economy and out of the environment. For this to happen, we need dedicated, ongoing and adequate funding for collection, sorting and recycling. The Easy Mask • Constructed with our DejaTM performance yarn, which is 100% rPET; • DyeCoo’s CO2 dyeing technology does not use any water; • Stoll’s seamless knitting technology lowers manufacturing waste to less than 1%. The mask can be readily dismantled, allowing pieces to be changed and reused rather than discarded. TheCircular InnovationChallenge program, developed by international organizations in collaboration with IVL, is raising public awareness about the need to reduce waste in Thailand. We are proud to endorse the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s call for the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for pa c k ag i ng , t oge t he r w i t h more than150 leadingbusinesses and organizations. Building the infrastructure the world needs to provide a circular economy • Waste collection and separation • PET recycling plants Increasing use of circular feedstocks while reducing fossil-based feedstocks • Bio-based feedstock • Recycled feedstock (rPET) Collaborating with customers on demand for sustainable materials • PET bottles and packaging Circular product design and innovations • Easy mask (with partners) • Circular Innovation Challenge • DejaTM 25 S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y R E P O R T E X E C U T I V E S U MM A R Y 2 0 2 1 FOR MORE INFORMATION HOME