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DECARBONIZATION & NET ZERO CARBON At “Thailand’s Climate Leadership Summit: A New Era of Accelerated Actions,”organized by Global Compact Network of Thailand (GCNT) and the United Nations inThailand, IVL committed to taking action to decrease emissions towards Net Zero Carbon goal. In 2021, Decarbonization SOPs, including the application of Internal Carbon Pricing (ICP), have been developed and deployed to accelerate sustainability projects having impact on environment. Our Decarbonization Strategies Accelerating Sustainability Targets Improving Operational Efficiency Investing in operational and energy efficiency projects to reduce direct and indirect emissions Renewable Electricity Decarbonizing IVL’s energy consumption by onsite and offsite renewable electricity projects Recycling Investing in and expanding recycling facilities to address plastic pollution and reducing lifecycle carbon emissions Future Technologies Exploring opportunities for carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), green hydrogen, bio/renewable feedstocks, and renewable natural gas (RNG) Circular Feedstocks Replacing fossil fuel-based feedstocks with bio-based and recycled feedstocks Sites under Active Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) Sites not (yet) under ETS Carbon Pricing Use ETS price forecasts for Scope 1 emissions Use US$ 20 ICP for Scope 2 emissions Use an internal carbon price of US$ 20 per ton Guidance Committed to investing US$ 640 million by 2030 to achieve our sustainability targets Natural Capital Solutions Exploring partial/full ownership of carbon offsetting projects 2025 10% 5% 10% 10% 2030 30% 15% 25% 20% 28 INDORAMA VENTURES PCL. VISION - TO BE A WORLD-CLASS SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL COMPANY MAKING GREAT PRODUCTS FOR SOCIETY. Water Intensity Reduction Renewable Electricity Consumption Energy Intensity Reduction GHG Intensity Reduction FOR MORE INFORMATION HOME