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WASTE MANAGEMENT Our focus approaches are wasteminimization, reuse, recycle and recovery which aremore sustainable than conventional landfill or dumpsite disposal. Furthermore, we conducted waste diversion to landfill in order to maximize waste utilization, limit new processed waste generation, and promote the circular economy. 90%* waste diverted from landfill 2025/2030 Target 2021 Highlights Total waste intensity 0.0234 tons / ton of production 55% of total waste were recycled and reused Note: 0.0085 tons/ton of production for 2020 and 2021 reporting scopes * including waste incinerated with energy recovery Total generated waste (tons) Recycled & reused (% of total generated waste) Incinerated with energy recovery (% of total generated waste) Incinerated without energy recovery (% of total generated waste) Landfilled (% of total generated waste) Others (% of total generated waste) Total hazardous waste (tons) Intensity (tons / ton of production) 23% of total waste goes to incineration with energy recovery waste diverted from landfill Progress against 2025 targets 78%* Indorama Polyester Industries PCL (Rayong), an IVL business in Thailand, received a certificate of ZeroWaste to Landfill (ZWL-DIW:2021). The certificate was granted by the Deputy Permanent Secretary of Thailand’s Ministry of Industry. Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) is part of ISO14001, which is related to environmental management. Applying the zero waste management standardwill enable IVL tomaterialize our commitment to sustainability. 32 INDORAMA VENTURES PCL. VISION - TO BE A WORLD-CLASS SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL COMPANY MAKING GREAT PRODUCTS FOR SOCIETY. FOR MORE INFORMATION HOME