Indorama Ventures

OUR APPROACH TO VALUE CREATION 14 INDORAMA VENTURES PCL. VISION - TO BE A WORLD-CLASS SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL COMPANY MAKING GREAT PRODUCTS FOR SOCIETY. FOCUS AVAILABILITY, QUALITY AND AFFORDABILITY Financial Capital US$ 5,117 million in total equity US$ 5,292 million in current assets Operating in an environment with new acquisitions and upcoming plants to strengthen position as leading sustainable chemical company. Constantly on the lookout for new mergers and acquisitions to strengthen our supply chain. This highly integrated global footprint strategy ensures operations can weather unforeseen disruptions satisfactorily. Adopting more efficient and sustainable practices reduces capital needed to sustain business operations. Moving towards the Net Zero Carbon through our decarbonization strategies and responsible operation. To avoid a shortage of talent, we actively invest in developing necessary talent and skills for our employees to take on bigger responsibilities and become a future ready organization. Trust is important for a corporation to thrive; therefore, we readily invest in education programs that promote recycling, encourage safety & wellness throughout our operations and ensure we always have a positive impact on people and the environment. We invest in developing new innovations to not only to remain a market leader but also develop new techniques and processes to reduce our impact on the environment and create new sustainable products. Manufactured Capital 124 sites in 33 countries in 6 continents including 16 recycling facilities Natural Capital Total material consumption = 15.97 million tons Energy consumption = 109.5 million GJ Water consumption = 88.1 million m3 Renewable energy = 2.8 million GJ Human Capital A highly qualified, experienced and diverse board 25,760 total workforce US$ 2,400,000 total training cost Social and Relationship Capital US$ 1.65 million CSR contribution Intellectual Capital US$ 22.7 million in R&D spending 214 R&D employees 21 R&D centers Our Vision To be a world-class sustainable chemical company making great products for society. Our Mission We commit to be a responsible industry leader leveraging on the excellence of our people, processes, and technologies to create values for our stakeholders. Purpose Statement Reimagining Chemistry Together to Create A Better World INPUT