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As we enter our eleventh year of sustainability reporting, we adopted the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)’s International Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework. By structuring our report based on this framework, we can demonstrate to our stakeholders howwe are creating value through our short, mediumand long-termstrategies through six capital inputs. 15 S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y R E P O R T E X E C U T I V E S U MM A R Y 2 0 2 1 OUTPUT OUTCOME IMPACT Total Production Volume 14.72* million tons 16.51# million tons IOD Business Production volume = 2.24* million tons Core EBITDA = US$ 377 million Combined PET Business Production volume = 10.73* million tons Core EBITDA = US$ 1,103 million Fibers Business Production volume = 1.75* million tons Core EBITDA = US$ 268 million Financial Capital Total Revenue = US$ 14.6 billion Core EBITDA = US$ 1,743 million Core Earning per Share (EPS) = THB 3.76 Manufactured Capital 14.3 billion PET bottles recycled / 317,064 tons of PET bale input 222,205 tons of flake production 0.0234 tons / ton of production waste intensity 78% waste diverted from landfill Natural Capital 1.5% reduction in total energy intensity 3% reduction in combined GHG (Scope 1&2) intensity 5.93% water reused and recycled 143,175 tons GHG reduction from renewable energy consumption (Biogas, biomass, renewable electricity) Human Capital 22% female / 29.92 average training hours / 11.42% overall attrition rate 0.98 cases per 200,000 man-hours in TRIR 0.66 cases per 200,000 man-hours in LTIFR Social and Relationship Capital 86.16% overall Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) 92% overall Customer Retention Rate (CRR) / NPS = 57 450 CSR activities / 2,751 people received recycling education Intellectual Capital Vitality Index : 31% in Combined PET Business / 23% in Fibers Business / 22% in IOD Business 696 new products / 121 collaborative projects 74 Patents (applied and granted out of overall 958 patents) 65% of R&D spend aligned with green products in Combined PET Business Better Growth Better Environment Better Life Contributing to SDGs Contributing to SDGs Contributing to SDGs Great Product for Society Circular Economy Net Zero Carbon Recycling to End PlasticWaste Health & Safety Well-being & Empowerment Future-proofing our organization, leveraging on new ways of working Working together with partners to decarbonize our operations Reimagining our products for value, performance and environment * Excluding inter-company sales # Including inter-company sales FOR MORE INFORMATION HOME