Indorama Ventures

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 34 INDORAMA VENTURES PCL. VISION - TO BE A WORLD-CLASS SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL COMPANY MAKING GREAT PRODUCTS FOR SOCIETY. IVL’s CSR activities are aligned with and support the shared value concept by facilitating and engaging the global community, leveraging strengths in collaboration, raising awareness and developing the value chain. In developing our CSR priorities, we create value in support of society, our environment, the economy, as well as the communities where we operate. CSR PERFORMANCE 2021* Commercial Initiatives 10% Environment 8% Community Investments 45% Education 24% Total Contribution US$ 1,652,994 450 CSR Activities in 2021 Charitable Donations 45% Social & Well-being 43% Health & Sports 18% Art & Culture 7% Total in-kind Giving: US$200,981 Total Management Overhead: US$46,392 Time Volunteered by Employees: 9,493 hours Estimated Employee Cost of Volunteering: US$210,969 * The above information was gathered from 82 sites as of 28 February 2022. ** The figure on social contributions is excluded from the COVID-19 fund and IVL Foundation. SOCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS** CSR ACTIVITIES RESULTS AND OUTCOMES RECYCLING EDUCATION • 2,751 people educated • 28 schools, universities, and organizations participated • Expanded to 3 countries in 2021: Poland, Indonesia, and Ghana WELL-BEING • Over 260 initiatives support the well-being and health of local communities. • 18 initiatives support vulnerable groups and groups with disabilities. • 10 sports initiatives to promote both mental and physical health for children. • 28 initiatives provide basic needs to local communities. ENVIRONMENT • 24 organizations promoted environmental developments and recycling. • 15 initiatives promoted biodiversity programs and environmental stewardship. • 18.8 tons of post-consumer PET bottles collected. • 28.95 tCO2e reduced by recycling PET. FOR MORE INFORMATION HOME