Indorama Ventures

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS Underway since 2017, this award is based on stellar performance across 10 criteria covering: Financial Performance, Operational Performance, and Sustainability Performance (environment, health and safety) andCustomer and Employee Satisfaction. The best Business Units are identified by benchmarking their performance across these criteria and are awarded at the annual Group Management Conference (GMC). PET DivisionWinners IOD Segment Winner Fibers Segment Winner Aromatics DivisionWinner Recycling BusinessWinner Packaging Vertical Winners Asia Pet (Thailand) Limited/Indorama Polymers Public Company Limited, Lopburi - Thailand Petform (Thailand) Limited, Lopburi (Closure) - Thailand Indorama Ventures Oxides Ankleshwar Private Limited - India Performance Fibers (Kaiping) Company Limited - China Indorama Petrochem Limited (PET), Rayong - Thailand Petform (Thailand) Limited, Rayong - Thailand Indorama Ventures Química S.L.U, San Roque - Spain Indorama Ventures Sustainable Solutions Fontana, Inc. - US 38 INDORAMA VENTURES PCL. VISION - TO BE A WORLD-CLASS SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL COMPANY MAKING GREAT PRODUCTS FOR SOCIETY. FOR MORE INFORMATION HOME