SET Awards 2023

For the ninth consecutive year, Indorama Ventures has been assessed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on SET ESG Ratings, formerly known as Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI). This assessment applies to listed companies that effectively integrate sustainability in their day-to-day operations and demonstrate excellent Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. The consideration also aligns with the topics that investors are interested in and is related to the areas where businesses can utilize their potential to manage environmental challenges and create value to society and stakeholders in their value chain.

With the company’s ongoing efforts, Indorama Ventures has achieved a total score of 80 with an AA grade, surpassing the “Industrials” group's average score of 67. This rating reflects the company’s excellent ESG performance and can be attributed to outstanding practices in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Taxation, Environmental Management, Climate Change Strategy, Product Stewardship, and Occupational Health and Safety.

The results also demonstrate the company’s commitment to integrating sustainability into our core values, emphasizing continuous effort in actively contributing to societal and environmental progress in alignment with business operations and sustainability targets.

SET ESG Rating Certification 2023