Our WHRA framework includes four different levels: corporate, country, site, and product.

It covers following stakeholders for our operations, including joint ventures:

Own employees
Indigenous people
Migrant labor
contracted labor
Local communities
Vulnerable groups

In 2016 we introduced an online tool developed by WHRA which focuses on identifying, assessing, communicating and mitigating potential issues. This tool provides a comprehensive framework for managing workplace human rights in the 33 countries where we operate and encompasses vulnerable groups such as senior citizens, people with HIV, the LGBT community, disabled persons and national minorities.

In 2021, the questions were enhanced to include an indicator related to environmentally friendly technologies. Feedback is gathered via individual and group responses and discussions conducted throughout the communities where we work and from our business partners.

The following areas of improvement and remedial actions were identified:

Areas of Improvement Remedial Actions Major areas of improvement
Corporate Level Country/Site Level

Environment, Health, and Safety

Better manage risks with regard to EHS at IVL by designing the dedicated function

  • Establish a Corporate EHS Center of Excellence
  • Establish Regional Corporate EHS Leaders
  • Establish Business/Plant EHS Leaders
No major risks were observed for the five vulnerable groups.

We will continue to implement our three-stage assessment approach and manage issues according to IVL’s stringent risk-based approach and unique operating context. All issues that are raised will continue to be assessed and elevated to senior decision-makers, while resulting actions will be monitored to ensure continuous improvements.

Whistleblower Process

A more robust and timely process to deal with whistleblower issues/concerns

  • Refine the current process and streamline the roles and responsibilities of the whistleblower committee
  • Align with new whistleblowing practices/processes

Total number of hours of employees training on human rights policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations = 11,044

Total number of employees trained in human rights policies or procedures concerning aspects of human rights that are relevant to operations = 9,366