Our WHRA framework includes four different levels: corporate, country, site and product.

It covers following stakeholders for our operations sincluding joint ventures:

Own employees
Indigenous people
Migrant labor
contracted labor
Local communities
Modern Slavery

We started a yearly global survey in 2015 on Human Rights and continue to work on action plans to mitigate perceived risks. Our respective units have taken the initiative of getting SA8000 certification or its equivalent to ensure there are no human rights violations across our organization.

The WHRA framework embodies a three-stage assessment process called IACM – Identify, Assess, Communicate and Mitigate. The WHRA online survey tool, which IVL started using in 2016, continues to play pivotal role in this three-stage assessment process. It also encompasses five vulnerable groups within IVL’s operations including joint ventures: national minorities; people with disabilities; senior citizens; people with HIV; and the LGBT community.

The outcome of this assessment process for 2018 is as follows:

  • All of the risks identified in the 2017 survey were mitigated
  • Privacy of personal date was identified and incorporated as a workplace human right
  • The Online Human Rights Risk Assessment survey was conducted across all of IVL’s locations
  • The Human Rights Risk Propensity (HRRP)* was measured at 0.4% for 2018
  • Risk areas at 15 of our units were identified
  • Based on the identified risk areas, interviews with stakeholders were conducted to identify interventions to mitigate risk
  • An action plan was formulated on the agreed interventions along with a tracking mechanism to monitor progress
*HRRP=Number of potential human rights risk identified / (Responses from total units*total questions)

Major areas of improvement and mitigating actions were identified:

Main issues Remedial Actions Major areas of improvement
Corporate Level Country/Site Level

Working hours

Infrequent overtime

  • Overtime standards
  • Feedback and advice
  • Changing the shift schedule plans
  • Having an appropriate “Reserve Bench” to manage shift absenteeism
No risks were observed for the five vulnerable groups. We will continue with our three-stage assessment approach to ensure that any assessment needs are evaluated on a regular basis taking into account Indorama’s unique risk profile and operating context.

Personal data privacy

Respecting and maintaining personal data privacy

  • Binding corporate rules with units to respect personal data privacy
  • Feedback and advice Making the Corporate Human Resource Information System’s personal data privacy compliant
  • Training for HR colleagues on emerging trends in personal data privacy