At a time of sweeping change in the industry and an increasing push for more sustainable products, we want to emphasize our focus on human capital that helps our employees succeed, which in turn, helps us to achieve continued growth and innovation.

We will be advancing our renewed human capital strategies by having an absolute focus on being a more agile organization with clear accountability, performance and ownership. We are also committed to sustainably building IVL’s growth culture where employees are inquisitive, inclusive, engaged, and become ambassadors of a great place to work.


Enable the organisation to adapt to future change

By ensuring leaders at all levels are nimble and innovative in ways that deliver sustainable market value

Strengthen systems and processes

That help people to demonstrate differentiating potential and performance

Enable these leaders to deepen their competence

Through developmental initiatives, mentoring and coaching by offering such diverse experiences and challenges in various business contexts

In recent years, the industry has been many turbulent water, but we have navigated successfully by focusing and delivering on our promise of prudent growth. Therefore, risk assessment regarding labour issues is carried out for potential new operations and acquisitions as well as due diligence. Our employees are our most valuable assets and are always ready to embrace the challenges of our industry environment.

Human Capital Development
Talent Attraction and Retention
Workforce and Diversity