Sustainability has been an integral element of success for Indorama Ventures. We recognize that we have to demonstrate our willingness to develop and deliver on a sustainable strategy as moving towards a sustainable economy creates many opportunities. Our sustainability strategy fully supports the vision of becoming a world-class sustainable chemical company making great products for society and is in line with business strategy and direction.

Indorama Ventures Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Indorama Ventures
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Indorama Ventures Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy demonstrates our commitment to the three most important areas for the company, Planet, People and Prosperity, which achieve our vision to be a world-class sustainable chemical company making great products for society. We embrace our stakeholders’ interests and social needs in driving towards a sustainable and resilient economy and encourage collaborative efforts in contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our goal is to ensure economic prosperity and sustainability to all our stakeholders. We measure our success not just by economic gains but by our achievements in preserving the environment, thereby benefiting the society. Indorama Ventures continues to undertake initiatives that are in-line with our commitments and sustainability ambitions to increase our focus on the long-term sustainability value creation of the Company through recycling, lowering our carbon footprint, increasing use of renewable energy, and developing human capital, to further strengthen our position in market while continuing to demonstrate how we are putting our sustainability strategy into practices.

Sustainability Framework


To be a world-class sustainable chemical company making great products for society


Reimagining Chemistry Together to Create a Better World


Net Zero Carbon
to sustain our world and business
Improving Society
through community engagement and corporate social responsibility
Trusted Partner
to the global community


"Always evidence-based"
"Honesty in everything"
"Collaborative & Innovative"
"Visionary leadership"
"Adaptive mind-set"

Strategic Priorities

GHG Emission
10% reduction in GHG scope 1 & 2 intensity by 2025 and 30% by 2030*
5% reduction in energy intensity by 2025 and 15% by 2030*
10% energy sourced from renewables by 2025 and 25% by 2030
10% reduction in water intensity by 2025 and 20% by 2030*
90% diverted from landfill by 2025/2030
Circular Feedstock
Bio-based Bio-based feedstock: 16% against our external feedstock Recycled feedstock (Post-consumer PET bale input): 23% against our PET feedstock by 2030
Well-being and Development
Increasing employee engagement scope (NPS) by 10% by 2025
Reducing accident rate to < 0.46 TRIR per 200,000 man-hours by 2025
Increasing women in top and senior management by 2030
Recycling Commitment
Post-consumer PET bale input per year: 0.75 million tons by 2025, 1.5 million tons by 2030
Post-consumer Bottles recycled per year: 50 billion by 2025, 100 billion by 2030
Educating 1,000,000 consumers around the world about recycling by 2030
Responsible Sourcing
90% tier 1 suppliers listed on 3rd party ESG platform by 2025
Sustainability CAPEX
US$ 2 billion by 2025 (cumulative 2020-2025)
US$ 7 billion by 2030 (cumulative 2020-2030)


Internal Synergy
Aligning organizational goals and providing training.
Research & Development
Monitor carbon reduction solutions and frameworks.
Technology & Data
Embrace innovative technologies to drive decision making.
Foster internal diverse & inclusive culture and minimize wider social issues.
Strategic Partnerships
Collaborate with customers, suppliers, and investors to deliver a green solutions.

Value Creation Model

As we enter the tenth year of sustainability reporting, we have adopted the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)’s International Integrated Reporting (IR) Framework. By structuring our report based on this framework, we can demonstrate to our stakeholders how we are creating value through our short, medium and long-term strategies in six capital inputs.

Major Sustainability Initiatives in 2022

In 2022, IVL has successfully implemented many social and environmental benefits activities that have many social and environmental benefits, including: