Our global workforce of 25,207 employees includes 2,073 temporary staff, with some relevant highlights below:

Workforce Trends

Employees by Continent

The Americas

Since IVL’s acquisitions in 2020 contributed to our employee growth. It is therefore important to maintain an effective HR strategy which ensures that the Company is better able to respond to the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace and business.

At IVL, diversity goes beyond culture, language, gender, age, or nationality. It also includes different approaches and ways of thinking. We value our diverse and inclusive workforce and see it as an important competitive advantage. Our diversity and inclusion efforts begin with the recruitment of candidates, and continues through career management, learning and development, and promotions and rewards for all employees. We offer careers suited to the skills and experiences of employees so they can add value to the Company and contribute to our long-term success. Some of our diversity indicators are as follows:

Gender Diversity




Employees with Disabilities


Age Diversity

16 57 27
30 Years old 30-50 Years old 50 Years old

Diversity and Inclusion Report 2020

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