Waste Recycle Bank Project

The first waste recycling bank was established at Ban Nong Fab School in Rayong in 2010, with a second added at Wat Krok Yai Cha School, also in Rayong, in 2014. The project not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also raises public awareness on the importance of recycling and the value of waste materials, which can become a source of income IVL launched the Eco-Kids and Eco-School Project as an extension of the Waste Recycling Bank. Our employees took the time to arrange training and supplied materials in schools.

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Local Recycling Initiatives

Indorama Ventures Plc (Head Office) arranged Recycling Education Roadshow throughout year 2018. The company sought to educate children in primary school and create awareness of how important it is to recycle PET. The children learned how recycled PET can help save the environment, with the starting point being to separate waste correctly. This greatly helps to use resources more efficiently by turning waste into cash, create jobs and follow the national policy regarding tackling waste effectively.

Any schools or organizations interested to participate in the program may contact CSR department Tel: 02-661-6661 Ext.240 and 252 or email recyclingeducation@indorama.net

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RECO Young Designer

RECO, the largest upcycling design competition in Thailand hosted annually by Indorama Ventures, aims to raise awareness on using PET and polyester waste to create brilliant and inspiring designs.

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