Customer Engagement is our key strength and an important part of our sustainability strategy. There are various communication channels available to collaborate, and listen to the advice of our customers, as well as better understanding their needs. The channels include regular interactions through meetings, tele-conferences by respective executives, senior management, including our CEOs and Group CEO, and our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Overall average Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Customer Retention Rate (CRR)

The Customer Satisfaction Survey enables us to understand our customers’ needs and their satisfaction with our products. This, in turn, helps us to foresee our customers’ future plans. In 2020, the Customer Satisfaction Index maintained a consistently high level at 86.16%.

2020 CSI Target
≥ 86%
CSI Target
Customer Satisfaction Measurement of Global Operations

2020 IVL Overall for CRR


2020 IVL Overall for CSI

Feedstock Business
CRR : 93%
CSI : 88.35%
PET Business
CRR : 95%
CSI : 86.51%
Fibers Business
CRR : 93%
CSI : 85.86%
Packaging Business
CRR : 94%
CSI : 84.81%
Wool Business
CRR : 93%
CSI : 85.67%
Recycling Business
CRR : 91%
CSI : 87.13%
IOD Business
CRR : 85%
CSI : 84.76%