Customer Engagement is our key strength and an important part of our sustainability strategy. There are various communication channels available to collaborate, and listen to the advice of our customers, as well as better understanding their needs. The channels include regular interactions through meetings, tele-conferences by respective executives, senior management, including our CEOs and Group CEO, and our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Customer Support and Protection

We support our customers with a broad range of products, applications and services leading to improved system performance.

For the health and safety issues of products, SDSs are dispatched to all customers for the products which they purchase. The main purpose of our Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and Hazard Labels is to communicate the health and safety hazards to anyone that handles or may become directly exposed to our products. SDSs and Hazard Labels for each product are required by law. Products carry Hazard Labels on the outside of the package or container, where they can be easily spotted and read by anyone. All of our SDSs include an email address, which customers can use to send us their questions. Customers may also send questions to the sales teams for product-related questions and complaints.

An emergency phone number is listed on each SDS. The SDS itself also provides guidance on what to do in case of accidental exposure. In the EU, the needed information in case of a customer emergency (due to accidental exposure, most likely) is provided to the Poison Control Centers of the EU member states.

In 2023, there are no incidents of non-compliance concerning:

  • Marketing communication
  • Health and safety impacts of products
  • Breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Strong customer satisfaction is essential for a profitable and sustainable business. We conduct a formal customer satisfaction study every other year as part of our group sustainability strategy, designed to understand and assess customer needs, expectations and satisfaction with our products and services.

Overall average Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and Customer Retention Rate (CRR)

The Customer Satisfaction Survey enables us to understand our customers’ needs and their satisfaction with our products. This, in turn, helps us to foresee our customers’ future plans. In 2023, the Customer Satisfaction Index maintained a consistently high level at 84.82%.

2023 CSI Target
> 86%
CSI Target
Customer Satisfaction Measurement of Global Operations

2023 Indorama Venture Overall for CRR


2023 Indorama Venture Overall for CSI

Feedstock Business
CRR : 60%
CSI : 84.96%
PET Business
CRR : 81%
CSI : 85.98%
Fibers Business
CRR : 75%
CSI : 84.15%
Packaging Business
CRR : 84%
CSI : 82.79%
Wool Business
CRR : 95%
CSI : 83.32%
Recycling Business
CRR : 92%
CSI : 83.96%
IOD Business
CRR : 84%
CSI : 84.11%