Our recycling mission is to serve the recycling needs of IVL’s customers by building a leading, differentiated, and economically attractive recycling business.

Our recycling strategy is focused on strengthening our capability to increase recycling rates globally, contributing to a circular economy, and ensuring a fully closed loop.

Recycling Facilities Worldwide Locations

Further than promoting the efficient use of natural resources, our recycling operations located in Asia and Europe help minimize PET waste sent to landfill.

Indorama Ventures Recycling Plant in Nakhon Pathom

Over the past few years, we continue to expand PET recycling project through the establishment of new recycling plants in Thailand, USA and Mexico. These expansions are a further milestone in strengthening our business and reflect our desire to continue to build a more sustainable business.

Since the PET recycling project has been operating, IVL is able to simultaneously deliver social and environmental benefits to community.