Evaluating and managing risks

The materials include colorful recycling guides, as well as many practical, hands-on activities for students to play with as they learn first-hand how recycling works. The program provides flexibility allowing implementation by teams according to how it works best with each entity.

Currently, several of our subsidiaries have already been teaching children in local communities about recycling.

About our global flagship CSR programs

Indorama Ventures developed a global CSR flagship project, a company-wide collaborative effort focused on important international and social issues that are important for businesses and society. The program was designed to be customizable for all companies within Indorama Ventures. We therefore anticipate that this will be a natural start to CSR for many subsidiaries. It also allows us to better align limited resources to drive greater community, social and environmental impacts.

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PET Brochure
PET Recycle Brochure
Learn about PET the recyclable plastic
Let's find out about types of plastic Recycling PET and Waste separation