ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is the only standard in the family that can be certified (although this is not a requirement). It can be used by any organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.
  • Improve Company and Product Quality
  • Improve the Consistency of Our Operations
  • Improve Efficiency, Reduce Waste, and Save Money
  • Focus Management and Employees
  • Improve in systematization including documentation, work procedures, clarity of work and responsibilities
  • Improve Efficiency including productivity, cost savings, reduction in mistakes and rework, lead time and Management control
  • Improve in employee results including motivation, satisfaction, communication and knowledge
  • Develop a Professional Culture and Better employee Morale- Meet Stakeholders Requirements
  • Get More Revenue and Business from New Customers
  • Increase Customer satisfaction with Our Products
  • Describe, Understand, and Communicate Our Company Processes
  • Achieve International Quality Recognition
  • Help ensure that Customers Get consistent, good Quality Products and services
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
No. Plants Country Region
1 AVGOL Israel Barkan Israel Asia
2 AVGOL Israel Dimona Israel
3 Avgol China China
4 Sinterama Yarns (Dongguan) Co. Ltd. China
5 FiberVisions (China) (FV China) China
6 Guangdong IVL PET Polymers (GIVL) China
7 Performance Fibers (Kaiping) (PFK) China
8 Glanzstoff Qingdao China
9 ES FiberVisions (Suzhou) China
10 AVGOL India India
11 Indorama Ventures Oxides Ankleshwar India
12 Indo Rama Synthetics (India) India
13 Indorama Ventures Dhunseri Petrochem Industries (IVLDPI) India
14 Micro Polypet (MPPL) India
15 PT. Indorama Petrochemicals (PTIP) Indonesia
16 PT. Indorama Polychem Indonesia (PTIPCI) Indonesia
17 PT. Indorama Polypet Indonesia (PTIPPI) Indonesia
18 PT. Indorama Ventures Indonesia (PTIVI) Indonesia
19 Indorama Ventures Packaging Myanmar (IVPML) Myanmar
20 ndorama Ventures Packaging Philippines (IVPPC) - Batino The Philippines
21 Indorama Ventures Packaging Philippines (IVPPC) - Davao The Philippines
22 Indorama Ventures Packaging Philippines (IVPPC) - MOP The Philippines
23 Indorama Ventures Packaging Philippines (IVPPC) - Meycauayan The Philippines
24 Indorama Ventures Packaging Philippines (IVPPC) - Bacolod The Philippines
25 Indorama Petrochem (IRPTA) Thailand
26 TPT Petrochemicals (TPT) Thailand
27 Asia Pet (Thailand) Limited Thailand
28 Indorama Polyester Industries - Nakhon Pathom (IPI - N) Thailand
29 Indorama Polyester Industries - Rayong (IPI - R) Thailand
30 Indorama Holdings (IRH) Thailand
31 Indorama Petrochem 2 Thailand
32 Petform (Thailand) Nakhonratchasima (PFL-NR) Thailand
33 Petform (Thailand) Lopburi (PFL-L) Thailand
34 Petform (Thailand) Pathumthani (PFL-P) Thailand
35 Petform (Thailand) Rayong (PFL-R) Thailand
36 ES FiberVisions (Rayong) Thailand
37 Indorama Ventures Oxides Australia Pty Limited Australia
38 Schoeller Austria  Austria EMEA
39 Sinterama Bulgaria Bulgaria
40 Egyptian Indian Polyester Company (EIPET) Egypt
41 Medco Plast for Packing and Packaging Systems Egypt
42 Indorama Ventures Packaging (Ghana) (IVPG) Ghana
43 Indorama Ventures Packaging (Nigeria) (IVPN) Nigeria
44 Indorama PET (Nigeria) (IRPN) Nigeria
45 Indorama Ventures Portugal  Portugal
46 KORDARNA Plus Slovakia Slovakia
47 KORDARNA Plus Czech Czech
48 Glanzstoff Bohemia Czech
49 Schoeller Kresice Czech
50 Avgol Russia Russia
51 FiberVisions A/S (FVAS) Denmark
52 Wellman Neufchateau Industrie France
53 Wellman France Recyclage (WFR) France
54 Glanzstoff Longlaville France
55 PHP Fibers Germany
56 Indorama Ventures Polymers Germany GmbH  Germany
57 UTT Technische Textilien Germany
58 Trevira Bobingen Germany
59 Trevira Guben Germany
60 Beverage Plastics (BPL) UK
61 Wellman International (WIL) Ireland
62 Glanzstoff Sicrem Italy
63 Sinterama - Italy (Sandigliano)  Italy
64 Orion Global Pet (OGP) Lithuania
65 Glanzstoff Textilcord Luxembourg
66 Indorama Ventures Europe (IVE) The Netherlands
67 Wellman Recycling Spijk (WRS) The Netherlands
68 Indorama Ventures Poland (IVP) Poland
69 Indorama Ventures Quimica (IVQ) Spain
70 Indorama Ventures Corlu PET (IVCP) Turkey
71 Indorama Ventures Fibras Brazil Brazil Americas
72 Sinterama Brazil Brazil
73 Indorama Ventures Polímeros S.A. (IVPSA) Brazil
74 Indorama Ventures PTA Montreal (IVPTA) Canada
75 Performance Fibers Mexico Mexico
76 Indorama Ventures Polymers Mexico (IVPM) Mexico
77 Indorama Ventures EcoMex Mexico
78 Avgol Nonwovens USA USA
79 Winnsboro Fibres USA USA
80 AlphaPet USA
81 Auriga Polymers (Auriga) USA
82 FiberVisions Products (FV Products) - Athens USA
83 FiberVisions Manufacturing (FV Mftg) - Covington USA
84 Indorama Ventures Oxides International-Chocolate Bayou USA
85 Indorama Ventures Propylene Oxides -Dayton USA
86 Indorama Ventures Oxides-Port Neches USA
87 Indorama Ventures (Oxide & Glycols) USA
88 Indorama Ventures Xylenes & PTA USA
89 StarPet USA
90 PHP Fibers USA

Certification Status of IVL Plants

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