Indorama Ventures has been awarded by CDP a “B” rating for Climate Change Management and a “B-” rating for the first year of assessment on Water Security.

This recognition highlights our commitment to sustainability, climate and water management. The company has been rewarded for identifying and managing risks that could significantly affect the business, either financially or strategically.

Out of an impressive pool of over 21,000 companies assessed, based on data reported through CDP's 2023 evaluations of both climate change and water security, our scores are higher than the global average rating of “C”.

The CDP assessments reward commitment to environmental actions, sustainability, business transformation, and above all transparency about progress and challenges companies are facing. Environmental disclosure serves as a crucial measure for our organization to address linked climate-related risks, including climate change and water security, and their impact on our current operations, as well as present and future opportunities in order to prepare and adapt. It enables us to be proactive, stay ahead of regulatory and policy changes, improve our brand reputation, and pursue new possibilities for action that investors and consumers throughout the globe are requesting.

The road is going to be challenging, but we are committed to staying on track.